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Systems and Rules – Explanations of some house rules systems.

Races – This world has all sorts of humanoid animal races, listed here are the racial traits of some of them.

Languages – List of languages in this world.

Magical Items – List of magical items encountered by the party and their known properties.

Enemies – Information on some of the unique enemies encountered.

People and Organizations

Northern Felhorn

Croak and Dagger Adventuring Ltd. - Carlshouse's most notorious adventuring party.

Council of Carl – Governing body of Carlshouse.

Carlshouse Militia – Military defense organization of Carlshouse. Led by Captain Katrina.

The Undercircle – Apparently some form of thieves' guild in Carlshouse.

The Men of the Hearth – Adventuring party stationed out of a keep outside Carlshouse. Last known to be headed to the Underdark, they haven't been heard from in months.

Felhorn Courier Company – A mid-sized company based out of Carlshouse that specializes in the ferrying of people and cargo along dangerous routes.

Reressti Adventuring Party – An adventuring group consisting of three of Fern's older siblings: sisters Petunia and Barley, and brother Spruce.

Kingdom of Sundria and Southern Felhorn

Sundrian Royal Family – Ruling monarchs of the kingdom.

Aeolian Archeological Society – Scholars studying the Aeolian Desert and its mysteries, including the Titan.

The Nightmen – Criminal gang that operates out of Chotchia. Gang leader Thomas "Shadow" Cromwell was captured by the party.


Church of Avandra – Goddess of luck and travel. Temple located in Crossroads.

Church of Pelor – God of the sun and the harvest. Temple located in Carlshouse.

Church of Bahamut – The great platinum dragon god. Temple located in Chotchia.


Northern Felhorn

Carlshouse – Small fortress citystate, entirely within its circular walls and transparent ceiling. Governed by the Council of Carl and protected by the Carlshouse Militia.

Brenton – Village where the adventure began.

Crossroads – Town along the Merchant's Road on the northern edge of the Aeolian Desert.

Velhaven – City on the eastern coast of Felhorn. Where Millie had been living as a thief for a couple years before escaping westward. Home to Velhaven University.

Belfrost – Far north village, hometown of Solstice.

Ridgeroost – Small hamlet atop a mountain, hometown of B.

Greendale – Farming village located along a river, hometown of Fern and her extended family.

Aeolian Desert – Vast desert dividing the continent of Felhorn. Has long wall along southern border. Home of the Titan, mysterious collossus.

Kingdom of Sundria

Chotchia – Capital city, sprawling white and gold metropolis on the coast of the Brindle Bay. Home to the Sundrian Royal Family, currently ruled by King Misk.

Trenkhet – City sitting on southern edge of Aeolian Desert, right in the shadow of the great wall. Was taken over and inducted into the Kingdom of Sundria a few hundred years ago.

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