Studying is an activity you can undergo during a day's free time by making an Intelligence check (or another applicable check in some cases). Most study subjects start at a value of 0 and accrue points with each check, up to a value of 100, at which point the subject matter is learned. In order to study something, the character must have some source material to study from, such as a book or a mentor, or in the case of improving a skill, must be able to practice it. When a player wishes to spend time studying, they will roll an Intelligence check (or other check if applicable), with the DC of the roll determined by how difficult the subject matter is to study. See the following table:

Subject Difficulty Intelligence Check DC
Easy 5
Moderate 10
Difficult 15
Extreme 20
Nigh Incomprehensible 25

The DM should determine how difficult a given subject is to study, and how much help is provided by different information sources. In general, an average book on a subject would reduce the difficulty of study by one level (e.g. Difficult becomes Moderate), while a very helpful book would reduce it by two levels. An average mentor would reduce the difficulty by two levels, and a master mentor would reduce the difficulty by three levels.

If the player succeeds the DC by a significant amount, they will roll more dice to determine what to add to the study score, as shown below:

Result Amount Added to Study Score
Did not meet DC 0+INT Modifier
Met DC 1d6+INT Modifier
Exceeded DC by 5+ 2d6+INT Modifier
Exceeded DC by 10+ 4d6+INT Modifier
Exceeded DC by 15+ 6d6+INT Modifier



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