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Races – This world has all sorts of humanoid animal races, listed here are the racial traits of some of them.

Languages – List of languages in this world.

Magical Items – List of magical items encountered by the party and their known properties.


Caelynn – Officer of the West Independent Company.

Deirdre – Courier for the West Independent Company, rescued from a goblin cave.


Brenton – Village where adventure began.

Carlshouse – Small fortress city, entirely indoors.


The Undercircle – Apparently the Thieves' Guild of Carlshouse.

The Men of the Hearth – Adventuring party stationed out of Carlshouse. Last known to be headed to the Underdark, they haven't been heard from in months.

West Independent Company – A mid-sized company based out of Carlshouse that specializes in the ferrying of people and cargo along dangerous routes.

Main Page

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