Magical Items


+1 Bardic Tuning Rapier

Weapon (Rapier)

This rapier is made of a light-colored medal, with the crossbar in the shape of a musical note and the pommel sculpted to resemble the treble clef. In combat, it functions as a +1 Rapier. Whenever the wielder grants inspiration to someone through the Bardic Inspiration class feature, the sword begins to hum and vibrate slightly, granting advantage to the next attack roll made with it. This effect lasts until the attack is made or once five rounds (30 seconds) has passed.

Belt of Balance

Armor (Waist) – Requires Attunement

A leather belt decorated with golden embroidery along its edges. It grants the wearer a magical +1 bonus to Acrobatics checks.

Boots of Elvenkind

Armor (Feet)

While you wear these boots, your steps make no sound, regardless of the surface you are moving across. You also have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks that rely on moving silently.

Burglar's Studded Leather

Armor (Studded Leather) – Requires Attunement

A black leather chest piece dotted with iron studs. Functions as studded leather armor. The wearer has a magical +1 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks.

+1 Dowsing Dagger

Weapon (Dagger)

This green metal dagger will gently pull towards any fresh water within 300ft. In combat, it functions as a +1 dagger.

Endless Quiver


This quiver produces an unlimited amount of regular wooden arrows, one at a time. Whenever a second arrow is pulled from the quiver, the first arrow turns into smoke and vanishes.

Ghostgrip Bangle

Armor (Wrist)

This bracelet is appears to be made from bright silver and is very thin in size. When the wearer holds an object in the hand wearing the bracelet, their hand begins to blur out of focus, making it appear as though there are two copies of their hand superimposed on each other. This effect lets the wearer hold and use a two-handed weapon with only the one hand.

Life Line

Armor (Waist)

This pale white rope can be worn as a belt. If the wearer were about to fall down a potentially lethal drop, they may make a death save. On a success, the rope magically extends and attaches itself them to a suitable anchor near as possible to where the wearer fell from. This will leave the wearer dangling, suspended by the rope, and able to climb back up. Once this ability is activated, it will not be able to activate again until the next dawn.

Kibur's Puzzle Box

Miscellaneous Item

When disassembled, this item is usually found as a velvet bag containing several wooden blocks. With a successful Intelligence check, the blocks assemble into a small wooden chest that other items may be placed inside. When the box is disassembled, the items contained within are transported to a pocket dimension and can only be accessed by reassembling the box. The capacity of the box is larger than the box itself, though the entirety of its contents are visible when the box is opened. Once a creature has successfully opened a box, the DC for future Intelligence checks to open it becomes half its original value. Breathing creatures inside the box can survive for 10 minutes before they begin to suffocate.

Type Intelligence Check Capacity
Oak DC 14 1 cubic foot
Walnut DC 16 8 cubic feet
Mahogany DC 18 27 cubic feet
Ebony DC 20 81 cubic feet

Ring of Spell Disruption

Finger – Requires Attunement

While this ring is attuned to a person, anyone who is within 5ft of the wearer must make a DC10 Wisdom saving throw each turn they attempt to cast a spell. On a failure, the spell fizzles, though the spell slot is not expended.

Robe of Useful Things


This robe is covered in patches that each depict different items. When a patch is pulled off the robe, the patch instantly transforms into the item it was depicting. Once this transformation has taken place, it may not be undone, and the item remains as it is. Remaining patches: steel mirror, ten foot pole, and dagger.

+1 Savage Battleaxe

Weapon (Battleaxe) – Requires Attunement

This axe has a long, jagged blade on its end. In combat, it functions as a +1 battleaxe. When the wielder rolls for damage with this weapon, they may reroll any 1s.

Slippers of the Lake

Armor (Feet)

These slippers, which are made from a blue cloth and have a platform of several inches, allow the wearer to walk on calm water as if it were solid ground. Currents will carry the wearer along as if the ground were moving under their feet. Rushing torrents and rough seas are difficult and hazardous footing that will dump one in the water if they fail a save or ability check based on the situation on hand.

Speedreading Spectacles


These thin wire, half-moon glasses grant the wearer significantly increased reading comprehension abilities. Whenever the wearer attempts to study a subject by reading from a book, they get advantage on the Intelligence roll determining how much they learned.

Stave of Shortened Heat Metal

Weapon (Club)

A foot long staff that with a round red jewel at the top, twisted so that the jewel faces forward. One round after saying the command word, the stave will cast Heat Metal at second level on a target no more than one foot in front of the stave. The spell will continue until the caster loses concentration or the initial target of the spell moves out of the one foot range. This spell can be active for a total of 15 minutes a day, but this time does not have to be contiguous.

+1 Victorious Spear

Weapon (Spear) – Requires Attunement

A long, pale white spear with a hooked tip. In combat, it functions as a +1 spear. When finishing off a foe with this spear, the wielder gains temporary hit points equal to the foe's CR (minimum of 1).

Wand of Message


Casts the Message cantrip at the target the wand is pointing at. Contains 6 charges, which replenish at dawn.

Wand of Healing Word


Casts the spell Healing Word at first level on the target the wand is pointing at. Contains 1 charge, which replenish at dawn.

Magical Items

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