Dungeons and Animals

Interrogations are Hard

With just a couple days left until they were set to depart town, the troupe decided to buckle down on hunting the wanted gangster. They were set to meet with Chauncey and his contact in the evening, so to kill time they ran some errands.

Millie and B were able to track down an expert on curses, a minister of the Church of Bahamut named Mallison. When prompted, B was unable to describe any of the effects of symptoms of his curse, other than to describe how his Beholder's Stone looked magnificent to him but mundane to others. Mallison recommended B try to learn more about how the curse affects him before taking any further action.

Conversely, Millie was able to describe much of her condition, which Mallison found quite fascinating. After determining that the voices Millie heard in her head were not speaking in Infernal or Abyssal, Mallison relented that he could be of little help, and referred Millie to another expert on the extraplanar, who it just so happens the group was already familiar with, Ichabod. Mallison wrote up a letter on Millie's behalf to give to Ichabod, and the group went on their way.

As dusk descended, the group reconvened at the Sand Pit to meet Chauncey, who was already waiting for them. While Kijani, Solstice, and B waited outside, Millie and Fern probed Chauncey for more information about the gang before a tall wolf man arrived at the bar. Chauncey flagged down the exasperated looking wolf, who then directed the group to follow him out back.

Once behind the bar, the wolf, Oslo, asked if Millie and Fern really wanted to be in the gang, and to prove their determination, he told them to fight each other to the death. Sensing their reluctance, and brushing off Chauncey's urging, Oslo turned to leave. Millie and Fern quickly jumped him, and a scuffle ensued. Kijani, B, and Solstice ran out from the nearby shadows and helped wrestle Olso and Chauncey to the ground and tied them up.

Solstice cast a Zone of Truth and the group began interrogating the bandits about the whereabouts of their leader. Oslo, though charmed, was able to still remain vague enough in the face of the group's questioning, especially when Kijani attempted to promise that the bandits wouldn't be harmed, but as she was also under the effects of the Zone, instead promised the bandits they would definitely be harmed.

After a short while, Oslo was able to slip his bindings and threw down a smoke bomb, and began to flee. The group tried to catch him, but thanks to the use of invisibility, he slipped their grasp. The group decided to let Chauncey, who was still tied up and sobbing heavily, go with a warning about what would happen to him if he kept trying to join gangs.

The one piece of info the group was able to get out of Oslo was that the hideout was to the west of the city, so early the next morning the group, spearheaded by B, set out westward. B tried sending his various familiar out in all different directions, but was unable to locate any signs of the gang's hideout. He did however locate a nearby farm, and lacking other options, the group decided to go there. Once at the farm, they asked the workers if they knew anything about local bandit hideouts. Obviously the workers did not, but they did mention a local bounty hunter they knew of that was good at his job, and maybe he could help the group.

The group then split up for some more errands. B asked around for the bounty hunter's local hangouts, and Millie and Solstice went to a dressmaker. While Solstice got some new clothes, Millie commissioned some patches for the group, in the design of a frog's skull and bones on a shield shaped patch.

As the group was reconvening, they noticed a big parade going through the center of town. They quickly found out it was in honor of the local holiday, King's Day, in honor of King Misk, the very old monarch of the Sundria Kingdom. They followed the parade to the town square where they found a large festival underway, with many games and events unfolding.

While the rest of the group ran straight into the festivities, B took a quick diversion to a nearby bar called the Black Boar, where the bounty hunter was said to frequent. There he found the man, a dog named Jones, and propositioned him to help out heroes find the wanted bandit leader. Jones, seemingly reluctant, said to meet him back there the following evening with the rest of B's compatriots, and he'd size them up then. B agreed to these terms, bought Jones another drink, and left for the festival.



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