Dungeons and Animals

Carriage Recovery

The group spent a couple days mulling about Carlshouse, spending some of their spoils from their recently completed contract. Millie was able to swindle a baker woman out of a half dozen sweet cakes by posing as an old woman. Solstice, however, paid the baker woman anyway.

The group was summoned again by Caelynn, the rabbit officer of the Felhorn Courier Company. She again thanked the group for clearing the path to Carlshouse, as the caravan from Brenton had just recently successfully arrived. She propositioned the group with another job, this one a matter of cargo recovery. Recently a carriage they sent out from Carlshouse had gone missing, having never arrived at its destination. Caelynn wished to hire the group to search for the carriage, and recover as much of its cargo as necessary. In particular, the recovery of a red trimmed wooden chest that was magically locked and used to transport particularly precious cargo. The group accepted the task and Caelynn gave them a small runed stone. She explained this stone was to be used upon their return by company mages as a scrying focus to view their mission progress in retrospect.

The group shortly set out, and while on watch their first night, Solstice caught a chinchilla thief rummaging around the group's possessions. She and Fern ran the thief down and restrained him. After some interrogation, they took pity on the man and let him go, even giving him a bit of food.

The party eventually found the remains of the carriage, torn apart and looted, along with the carcass of its horse. While inspecting the wreck, Solstice located a secret compartment near the driver's seat that contained some gold and a pair of Boots of Elvenkind.

Following tracks from the wreck, the group found a cave with an unfamiliar sign painted above the mouth.





B and Millie were able to detect and disarm an alarm trap right inside the cave, and the group ventured inward, stopping as they approached a cavern housing a goblin encampment.

After some strategizing it was decided that Fern would disguise herself as a goblin and attempt to scout out the cave. Bluffing her way through speaking their language, Fern was able to slip past several goblins. However it wasn't long before a guard's suspicions were aroused and her illusion was shattered.

The resulting melee had many of the party falling unconscious, sometimes more than once. Kajani acted as a frontline, fending off the majority of the goblins, while Millie was sniping them from the back, manically cackling as she felled goblin after goblin. A pair of hobgoblins rushed in from another room, taking down B, but were eventually cut down by Solstice. Kajani wrestled the final goblin down to the ground, attempted to interrogate him, then knocked him out.

Inspecting the cave, the group found the red-trimmed box as well as some of the other cargo from the carriage. They also found a letter written by the hobgoblins detailing the stolen cargo addressed to someone named Sickleback.

Elsewhere in the cave they found a barely alive deerkin, Deirdre, being held in a cell. They were able to resuscitate her and escort her back to Carlshouse, leaving the unconscious goblin alive on their way out.

Reporting back to Caelynn, the group was rewarded handsomely for recovering the box and the cargo, though Millie chose not to turn over a bolt of silk she found in the cave, intending to hawk it at her next opportunity.



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