The Men of the Hearth

An adventuring party stationed out of Carlshouse, the Men are known to be local heroes. Their deeds include slaying dragons, unearthing ancient treasures, and unraveling elaborate criminal plots. A couple years ago they were granted a plot of land and a keep by the Council of Carl, the ruling body of the city. The party consists of five members:

Aric Barnaby

Eagle Paladin, staunch follower of Avandra, goddess of freedom and luck.


Hog Barbarian, follows the totem of the bear.

Bertrum Bronzeback

Turtle Wizard, specializing in transmutation.

Kiva Bramblepelt

Porcupine Ranger, reknowned hunter.

"Whistles" Mozzerton

Mouse Artificer, known for his utilization of automatons of his own invention.

Currently the whereabouts of the party are unknown. According to their butler Quincy, they were headed to the Underdark for some adventure last he heard from them, though now they've been gone much longer than expected.

The Men of the Hearth

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