Millicent "Millie" "Flamantha" (Last Name Unknown)

Female | Red Fox | Rogue | Chaotic Evil


Character Overview

Name: Millicent
Aliases: Millie, Flamantha Swarthington of East Swarthington
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (doesn’t know own age though)
Occupation: Swindler, trickster, overall pain in the ass
Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a heart of gold
Likes: Sweets, booze, gambling, drinking the blood of her enemies
Dislikes: Rain, the cops, vegetables

Game Stats

Stuff goes here stuff goes here blah blah

Physical Description

Short and lithe in stature and build, Millicent looks like the street rat she is. She has rusty red fur that’s long around the crown of her head and sides of her face, giving her the appearance of having a mane or hair. Her ears are black with white interiors, and her belly, throat, and tip of her muzzle are white. She also has two white “eyebrow” spots in the center of her forehead. Black whiskers stick out from her crooked snout, and even when her mouth is closed a snaggletooth sticks out on the right side of her face (though she can hide this by adjusting her jaw while in disguise). Her eyes are the same color as the gold piece she probably just lifted from your pocket.

She wears typical rogue/thieves’ garb with a forest green cloak clasped with a red brooch at the neck. She usually goes barefoot.

Personality Description

When you first meet her, Millicent usually seems rowdy, chatty, overly nosy, and maybe a bit drunk. While her exterior personality may be over the top, on the inside there are gears turning, and she’s usually quite keenly sussing out a person or a situation, either to gather information for later or to ensure her odds of getting out of a situation safely. She’s a master of petty crimes including swindling, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and breaking and entering. Usually she prefers to do things the hard way, if only for a laugh.

Having grown up alone, Millie learned early to trust no one if you want to survive. She keeps her real name and intentions closely guarded and tries to keep everyone around her guessing. If you have no friends, you have nothing to lose — right?


Kijani Kiki

“Got my eye on this one. Seemed intimidating at first but at the rate she gets knocked unconscious I’m not sure she’s that much of a threat. Either way, she can hold her own with me at the tavern so she’s not half bad. "

Fern Plant

“Still not convinced that this bard actually knows how to play, but she pulls off a heck of a goblin disguise so color me impressed.”

Solstice Sunny Bunny

“Not sure what this bunny’s angle is. Standing by for more information re: tragic backstory.”

B Edgegoat

“This guy is already 100% done with our shit and I respect that.”


Millicent "Millie" "Flamantha" (Last Name Unknown)

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