Millicent "Millie"

Female | Red Fox | Rogue | Chaotic Neutral


Character Overview

Name: Millicent
Aliases: Millie, Flamantha Swarthington of East Swarthington, Flammy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Occupation: Trickster, de-facto party leader, overall pain in the ass
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral and counting
Religion: None, but looking into the church of Avandra
Likes: Shiny things, sweets, booze, gambling, grabbing loose plot threads, drinking the blood of her enemies
Dislikes: Rain, the cops, vegetables


Game Stats

Millie is a level 6 rogue with a thief archetype. She currently has 39 hitpoints and an armor class of 16.

Physical Description

Short and lithe in stature and build, Millicent looks like the street rat she is. She has rusty red fur that’s long and a bit spiky around the sides of her face. Her ears are black with white interiors, and her belly, throat, and tip of her muzzle are white. She also has two white “eyebrow” spots in the center of her forehead. Black whiskers stick out from her crooked snout, and even when her mouth is closed a snaggletooth sticks out on the right side of her face (though she can hide this by adjusting her jaw while in disguise). Her eyes are the same color as the gold piece she probably just lifted from your pocket.

She wears typical rogue/thieves’ garb with a forest green cloak clasped with a red brooch at the neck. Around her neck hangs a red talisman shaped like a cube — a symbol of the goddess Avandra. She also has bow and quiver attached to her back, a small satchel she uses to carry her personal items, and a holster around her waist where she keeps three wands. She usually goes barefoot.


Personality Description

When you first meet her, Millicent usually seems rowdy, chatty, overly nosy, and maybe a bit drunk. While her exterior personality may be over the top, on the inside there are gears turning, and she’s usually quite keenly sussing out a person or a situation, either to gather information for later or to ensure her odds of getting out of a situation safely. She’s a master of petty crimes including swindling, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and breaking and entering.

Millie learned quickly to trust no one if you want to survive. Though she’s been traveling with her current party long enough to let her guard down a bit, she keeps her real name and intentions closely guarded from strangers and tries to keep everyone around her guessing. She has naive and childish tendencies, can be petty at times, and can be impatient and unintentionally rude. She also has a penchant for investigating things, loves folklore and legends, and tends to soften quickly to those who show her any scrap of warmth or kindness (though she still has a pesky habit of pushing people away).

Important Items

Necklace of Avandra: A necklace of a red cube hanging by one of its corners. Given to her by Cassus, a priest of the church of Avandra, after rescuing him.

The Memory Sieve: A small mirror with gold around its edges. After singing an incantation, Millie can look through and view her memories from the place she is standing.

Magical Ring: A ring she wears on her left hand. Anyone who comes near her while she’s wearing it will have trouble performing magic.

Cape of the Mounte Bank: A beautiful scarlet cape that allows Millie (and a guest) to teleport 500 feet.

Titan Sculpture: A sculpture of the Titan that Millie purchased in Trenkhet, hoping to learn more about the mysterious creature.

Dreams Box: A small box with the word ‘Dreams’ on it. Millie had this when she “woke up” but she does not know its relevance.



Kijani Kiki

“More irritating than she is endearing. Babysitting this lion has, honestly, probably made me more responsible.”


“She’s easy to get along with, she’s always up for some nonsensical fun and I never feel like she judges me like the others do. Sometimes she can be a coward and she’s not great a fighting but that’s okay. We’re great parents to Frangeline.”


“Solstice just came out of fucking nowhere as one of the deadliest members of the party. Seriously impressed by her skills. I don’t get to talk to her much and I know I probably irritate her but I’m going to try not to do that as much now because there are so many ways she could kill me.”

B Edgegoat

“He’s never trusted me completely — understandable — but for some reason it seems like he’s trying to protect me?”


Tragic Backstory

The fox woke up in a heap on the forest floor one morning knowing very little about herself, aside from that her name was Millie and that she seemed to be very far from home. All she had were the clothes on her back and, tucked into her pocket, a small tinderbox with the word “Dreams” etched into it. Alone and afraid, she began walking until she found a path leading towards a town.

Along the way she was ambushed by a small town group of amateur thieves who attempted to shake her down— not having anything to give them of value, and already at her wit’s end with frustration, she gave the group a severe tongue lashing and her moxie and boldness won them over.

The leader of the group, a coyote named Riff, especially took a shine to the young fox girl and became like a mentor and father to her, teaching her all he knew. He wasn’t a fantastic thief (actually he was quite bad) but he was very charismatic, good at gambling, slippery and quick, and a master of disguise. His jobs never seemed to go as planned, but he always seemed to escape unscathed. His motto was always, “We can’t trust anyone in the world but ourselves.” He encouraged Millie to give up her search for her true identity, not for malicious reasons but for selfish ones – he loved her like a daughter and didn’t want her to leave him. Eager to please him, she accepted her new life completely.

Millie lived with Riff and his thieves for two years in the town of Vellhaven, until finally the coyote pissed off the wrong person. On some bad information they’d tried to loot a local hideout of a famous gang. They believed the hideout to be abandoned — it was not. Quick as Riff was he could have escaped, but instead he allowed himself to be captured, providing Millie more time to run. “Run as far as you can and never look back! They’ll hunt you down!” he told her, and she did. She ran as far west as she could, stopping only to sleep at nightfall. Eventually she got far enough to believe she was safe, but she continued to move from town to town ever after, changing her name to keep under the radar and doing the only things she knew how: hustle and steal. She still lives in fear that the gang who captured Riff might find her, still wonders if her father figure is alive out there somewhere, and still has no recollection of her past. All she can do now is move forward.


When Millie kills a certain threshold of enemies, she begins to slip into a trance and cast a form of magic that none of the rest of the party can recognize.

Millie has had recurring nightmares ever since she “woke up” featuring a horrific language she has grown to understand. She has since learned this language is Deep Speech and she can speak it at will.

Millie can also speak the arctic tongue but does not know exactly why. She believes she might have family in those lands.

Millicent "Millie"

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