Kijani Kifo

Female l Lion Fighter l Lawful Good


Character Overview
Name: Kijani Kifo
Aliases: Ki (K-ey), Kiki (by Millie)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: Mercenary, Artist
Alignment: Lawful Good (questionable)
Likes: GIRLS, Drinking, Swimming on a summer day, Braiding hair, Art and Drawing, the feel of her ax piercing FLESH
Dislikes: SHOES, small spaces, cheaters (not tricksters, just bad guys), Tea


Physical Description
Kijani is a strong built female lion with a full mane of silver hair. She has multiple scars streaming down her face and the rest of her body, the most prominent one vertical on her left eye. She’s easily 8 feet standing up and weights a hearty 400lbs. Her typical garb is pants (no shoes) and a loose fitting top. When she wears armor its of the heavy class type protecting mostly her chest and shoulders. She typically wields a battle axe and shield.

Personality Description
Even though on the outside she comes off as rough shes actually quite a thinker. Kijani doesn’t like to talk much and is usually assessing the situation and taking in the sights. Shes protective of her group (even though a few annoy her) and shes also a bit cautious and naive when it comes to city life. Much to her downfall Kijani is very competitive and typically likes to be the first into battle.

Typically while fighting Kijani doesnt feel much about the opponents she puts down, repressed childhood memories much?

“Something fishy about this one but I’m not to worried about her, whats the worst she can do to me? Steal my gold? I’d crush her. She can hold her liquor tho I give her that and I certainly want to get to know her more.”

" I didn’t have a good first mission with her, ya know, with her knocking me out with a crossbow…. but shes cute and i think we’ve started to bond a bit? maybe she can teach me some magic stuff? I’ve always been fascinated by that… Oh and her mixtape is also fire!"

“That can’t be his full name, I dont really know him that well, hes the more silent and brooding type i suppose. B’s archery skills are pretty dope and i really wanna braid his beard”

“Another one in our party that I don’t know that well, her and B get along tho? Its probably because they both like nature so much. I mean i don’t know the plants around here, its all so lush and green. She helps me in battle with magic which is wicked cool. Shes nice i guess.”


Kijani Kifo

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