Fern Strumlet Reressti

Is a bard.


Level 2 Bard, lawful neutral


Fern comes from a family of wizards. She has 37 brothers and sisters (all named after various plants), leading her to become fairly independent. She was always an outcast, and struggled learning spells as a traditional wizard. Fern grew to become a talented bard, working as a marketing specialist for her family-owned business, called The Tickled Susan, a florist shop. Fern worked creating jingles and performing them on the street to attract customers.

One day, after struggling through her father’s wizardry lesson for her and her siblings, she felt particularly inadequate. She left her home, yearning for an instrument capable of casting the strongest spells, to impress her father and her many siblings. Fern began searching for a stronger lute, one with a particular strength and volume, which can leave one’s hair standing on end, and skin tingling with energy.

Fern Strumlet Reressti

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