Billias "B" Longhorn

Male | Markhor(Goat) | Ranger | Chaotic Neutral


Character Overview
Name: Billias “B” Longhorn
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Occupation: Ranger, Dirfter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Description
He’s of medium height at about 4’6" not including his horns. His tan corkscrew horns probably add another two or so feet. His eyes are golden goats eyes and he has long floppy ears. His beard is whitish and longer than the rest of his fur at about 6 inches. He has shaggy brown fur hanging off of the rest of his body. He wears leather armor and a black hooded cloak over the top of it with holes for the horns. His longbow and quiver are weathered and covered in carvings.

At first meeting he comes across as coarse, angry and brooding. He desires most to continue the quest he was given as a child. He does what he needs to continue to survive but he does not hurt others unnecessarily, he is willing to steal but only to survive, he does not show mercy to those who attack him. That being said once you’ve been around him a while he opens up quite a bit. He’s extremely good natured and very protective of wildlife and aggressive towards those who hunt unnecessarily. While he respects that people have to eat he hates trophy and sport hunters. He is genuinely kind, just very weathered and jaded from living off the land and his wits for years. He has a fascination with magical items that comes from his culture, and is always suspect that any new loot is magical.

He was born in an extremely remote mountain village. Being so remote and having so little interaction with the outside world the village has developed some strange customs. Chief among them being the believe that magical items are incredibly rare and powerful and that finding one is indicative of some kind of destiny. When he was 16 years old he found what he dubbed as the Beholder’s Stone an enchanted rock that to him looked like a beautifully cut gemstone and to everyone around him looks like a simple lump of coal. His family believing fervently that this was the call of destiny sent him on a journey to discover what the stone meant. He traveled a long way to a large city where he had went to search for anyone who could tell him what the Beholder’s stone meant. It came as a shock to him that magic is far more common than he had been led to believe. Magic items were made by folks all over and even sold in some places. With that knowledge he decided there was no reason to rush to find out the nature of his possession and has been drifting, mostly through the wilds, ever since.


Whatever this Fox girl’s real name is she has a knack for trouble, specifically trouble for those around her more often than herself. Hold her at arms length until you determine where her loyalties lie. Multitalented though, credit where due and all that.

Seems genuine. Capable warrior and friendly to boot, she seems to enjoy the simple things like myself. I respect her ability to take a hit nearly as much as I respect her patients.

That cat is amiable and not a shabby bard. But in combat she seems unreliable. Not incapable mind simply inconsistent. However her attitude and music make the rest of the journey quite pleasant so long as she doesn’t become a hinderance through a fight she’s welcome as far as I’m concerned.

Quiet but I feel she’s a kindred spirit. Most all druids share my enjoyment of nature and I appreciate the work they do. She seems to have had it rough so I’ll allow her to take her own time to warm up to us however I look forward to when she makes known to us what goes on between those twitchy ears of hers.


Billias "B" Longhorn

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